There are many styles and big name brands to choose from these days that are actually quite stylish. Many people have come to use them as another trendy accessory to go along with their shoes, scarves, purses, and more.

We also carry more budget friendly frames as well. Some choose to have more than one pair, so they can have the proper frames for different outfits. Whether metal or plastic, you can find a pair that will complement your face.


Sunglasses protect your eyes from sun, wind, dust, and other debris. They help you to see better, which means you are safer while driving and participating in outdoor sports and activities.

They help you prevent your eyes from being too strained, and avoid headaches due to light exposure. You can find a pair of fashionable sunglasses that will complete or enhance your look.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are wonderful for people who need to correct their sight, but do not like the look or inconvenience of glasses. They also help you to see more clearly and have a wider field of vision than you have with glasses.

There are many types of lenses which dictate how many hours a day they can be worn, how many weeks or months they can be worn before throwing them away, and what they are made of. 

After a full eye exam, you and your optometrist can discuss and decide which contact lens is right for you.

Eye Exams

We offer state of the art eye exams. These exams are all done bu our team of qualified Doctors and cover refraction as well as eye health and preventative care as well.

Swimming Goggles

Swimming is a great workout and can be lots of fun, but only if you can see where you’re going. We can make you a custom pair of swimming goggles so you can see underwater and swim safely.

Contact lenses should never be mixed with water so remember to take them out and put on your goggles before swimming.

Safety Glasses

For certain occupations, sports, and hobbies, eye safety can be a serious issue. If you are in need of eyewear to protect yourself during such activities, we have safety glasses and goggles that are durable and have other needed features, such as fog-resistance or side shields.

While many frames can be on the fragile side, safety glasses have sturdy frames and polycarbonate lenses that are far more difficult to scratch or break. Safety glasses can drastically reduce the incidence of eye injuries.

Not only will safety glasses help you to see better while doing your job or other activities, but they will also help you to protect a very important asset – your eyes.

Kids Glasses

We offer brands name designer and non designer frames. We also have specialized durable framed made to handle the toughest games of kickball.

We even use special durable lenses to keep their eyes protected.


We also offer some repair services, as well as carry various accessories. These include, cleaning solution, anti-fog spray, contact lens solution, glasses and contact lens cases, glasses chains, pouches and special nose pads.

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